If you ask most people about me, theyʼd say “sheʼs just a 17 year old girl, that loves her life,” which is so true. I’m just a fun, loving, spunky girl taking life day by day! I am a home-schooled student since the 8th grade and I am now a senior! I am the middle child with an older brother Gray and a younger sister Kennedy and I love them both so much. I also have a boyfriend, Zane, who makes me feel like the happiest and luckiest girl on the planet and we are parents to the cutest French bulldog ever, Kygo! Iʼm sure you seen them alllll over social media, if you follow me!

A few things I enjoy most in life are makeup, health and wellness, fitness and my family. Family is a big part of my life, because I wouldnʼt be where and who I am if it wasnʼt for my family and I think anyone would agree. If you know us, you know that we know how to have a good time. Whether itʼs at home, a wedding or even to the grocery store, weʼre always making life fun.

Makeup and fitness are a huge part of my life as well. Who doesnʼt love getting a good workout in and then leaving the gym feeling like youʼre super woman and can accomplish anything that day, cause I do! Haha! Also, I have heard that sweating puts you in a good mood… so I love that as well!

Then, makeup, itʼs such a beauty. I donʼt wear it everyday, but I just love getting to sit down, focus in on my makeup, and look at the
outcome. I do prom, wedding and event makeup and itʼs just so awesome to be apart of someoneʼs big day and to see the look on their face when they look in the mirror and see how beautiful they look. It warms my heart. Iʼm going to try and start sharing some makeup videos and posting them on here or LinkedIn, so stayed tuned for that!

Then last, but not least, health and wellness. Most of you know, or if you donʼt, Iʼm currently with a company called PURE: People United Reaching Everyone. This company has not only changed my life, but my friends and familyʼs as well. My dad has dropped 46 pounds and counting, and weʼre all so proud to see how far he has come. We not only all look better, but feel better as well. We all did the 7-day detox after the holidays, and when I say you feel like a new person, take my word on it. It has totally cleansed out all of my grandma’s mashed potatoes, yam casserole, and pumpkin pie she made and my body has never felt better.

If youʼre looking for an amazing opportunity to join our team, just email, call, or text me and I will try to respond as soon as possible! So yeah, thereʼs a lil bit about me and a few of the things that I love and I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better!